Ocean Breeze and Stormy Bay

Ocean Breeze
Stormy Bay

Ocean Breeze and Stormy Bay, are pedigreed Haflingers and half sisters (same sire, different dams). Halflingers were initially bred in the late 1800s, by crossing a Tyrelian Mountain Pony with an Arabian Stallion. They are small horses, averaging around 14.2 hands, but very stocky and strong. They are very clever and nimble with their feet and are often used as dancing horses in shows.

Halflingers are named by their parental line, with all fillies named with the same letter as their dams, and colts named after their sires. Therefore, Ocean Breeze is in the female “O” line, while Stormy Bay is in the female “S” line.

Ocean is 1 month older than Stormy and is definitely the boss of the two! While she is the dominant mare between the pair, she is also the more placid of the two. She adores small children and just loves cuddles with them. I use Ocean the most to give pony rides to children, as she is so steady and reliable. Ocean is also available for experienced riders and has a lovely gait!

Stormy has grown up in her sister’s shadow and defers to Ocean for food and attention. However, she has also learned to be the clever one and occasionally the naughty one! If there is a way out of the paddocks and into the barn to raid the food, she’ll find it!! She is steady on the lead and very reliable when giving rides to children but for free riding, she needs a firm hand and experienced rider in the saddle.

Ocean Breeze - Cuddles with Matilda