Our Animals

Our beautiful Halflingers, Ocean Breeze and Stormy Bay, are definitely the stars of Currawong Farm! You can enjoy petting and grooming them and halter-led pony rides are available for a small fee.

Bella and Maxi are our friendly farm dogs and love pats and cuddles. Be careful – if you start, they will never want you to stop! See pics and read more about them here.

Nutmeg (aka Meggles, Pusspuss) is very shy and you may not see her much, as she is quite scared of strangers. She is an excellent mouser and keeps my barn vermin free! See pics and read more about her here.

Sparkle (aka Snugglebunny) and Twinkle (aka Cuddlebunny) are the newest additions to the farm. See pics and read more about them here.

We have five Hyline Browns that lay fresh eggs for us every day! They are new to the farm and I’m working on taming them for cuddles but they aren’t quite there yet. See pics and read more about them here.

For those of you who have been here before, I am sorry to say that we no longer have the lambs or cows. Once they grew up, they were just too hard on my pastures and I really only have enough grass to feed the horses. They have all gone to good homes though!